Article Titles

What exactly do Cosmopolitan articles teach their readers? One researcher was curious enough to survey Cosmopolitan’s largest audience, college students, and ask them what they got out of the magazine. Sean McCleneghan used principle factor analysis (PAF), a final sample size that’s identified in mass communication, and was able to uncover three main themes to Cosmopolitan‘s journals and articles. These themes are sexuality, freedom, and opportunity. (McCleneghan 323). These themes can be seen in the advertisements, and images chosen for the magazine, but the articles are where the themes are strongest. It’s important to understand this aspect of the magazine because these are the traits that readers take and apply to their everyday lives so that they can have the kind of life that Cosmopolitan promises.


Collage of Cosmopolitan articles 


Example 1: Scarlett Johansson on the January 2009 cover

Examples of titles with the sexuality theme are,”Your Orgasm Face: What He Thinks When He Sees It” (can be found on the cover to the right) and “141 Sexy Confessions From Men About You: In Bed, At Work, Dressed, Undressed”. These are examples of sexuality because their topic revolves around how to improve and rethink sexual intercourse. The magazines goal with this theme is to get women to use this advice in their own sex life by focusing on their partners and how to better serve them. Examples of freedom are, “Radiate Confidence! Feel Your Mojo Skyrocket” (can be found on the bottom right cover) and “Take Control of Your Money, Your Life and Your Man”. These are freedom titles because they are saying that woman should learn to do things on their own. The magazine uses freedom articles to inspire women to lead more independent lives saying that this independence will bring them greater happiness. And lastly, articles that inspire opportunity are, “You on Top: The Hard-Core New Success Secret” (located in the bottom right photo) and “Get Luckier in Life Right Now”. These articles all show their readers things they can do differently in their lives to get ahead. Readers then strive to be more successful in both their social and personal lives after reading these articles by demanding respect and standing their ground. These articles prove how Cosmpolitan not only expresses these themes in their articles, but how the women who read them use the articles to influence their daily actions and lives. Framing Sex, Romance, and Relationships in Cosmopolitan and MaximSelling Sex to College Females Their Attitudes about Cosmopolitan and Glamour Magazines


Example 2: Megan Fox on the April 2012 cover


Example 3: Cameron Diaz on the June 2011 cover

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